Translational Neuroscience Platform

(Coordinator - Alexandre de Castro Caldas)
The NeuroTransform has its focus on the brain and its functional mechanisms for the application of that knowledge: i) To the use of Brain Machine Interfaces to produce solutions for the restoration of motor function and for pain treatment and management; ii) To the translation of neuroscience findings into the education setting through science dissemination in schools and recognized training of education professionals; iii) The development of tools for professionals to better assess and promote the wellbeing of individuals with language disabilities, especially the deaf; the development of knowledge in the field of assessment and rehabilitation of people with sequelae of brain injury; the understanding of the mechanisms of pain and how to manage chronic pain as well as how spirituality impacts quality of life, hope, well-being and happiness.
NeuroTransform platform has 3 labs each with a Lab Leader:
  • Brain-Machine Interface Research Lab (BMIsLab) - Miguel Pais Vieira
  • Brain and Behaviour Research Lab (BBRLab) - Alexandre Castro Caldas
  • Language and Sign Language Research Lab (L&SLab) - Ana Mineiro
Integrated Researchers:
Maria Vânia Rocha da Silva Nunes
Miguel Santos Pais Vieira
Collaborator Researchers:
Carla Ferreira da Silva Pais Vieira
Helena Carmo
Sofia Lynce de Faria